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Sivrihisar Folklore and Culture

Clothing, Jewelry and Rugs Sivrihisar is famous for its pearl earrings, braided bracelets and five-chimney rugs. It also has a rich cuisine since it was populated by various civilizations for


Nasreddin Hodja

– NASREDDIN HODJA – The man who made the world laugh and think. Nasreddin Hodja is one of the most important characters of our history. Although it is not known


Sivrihisar Clock Tower

THE CLOCK TOWER Sivrihisar is famous for its clock tower. The Clock Tower is very old. The Clock Tower was built by Mr. Mahmut in 1900. It ‘s big and


Sivrihisar Martyrdom

– Sivrihisar’s Martyrdom Monument – When Greek soldiers occupied Sivrihisar, 40-50 Turkish Raiders struggled with Greeks. Although Greek Unity was more crowded than Turkish Unity. Turkish Unity won this straggle


Surp Yerrortutyun Armenian Church

– Sivrihisar Armenian Church – The Armenian Church was built in 1881 by Armenians. It is in the town centre, on Kevser street. It was built by using stone materials


Pessinus Antique City

Sivrihisar, Ballıhisar – Pessinus Antique Ruins Antique pessinus city is in the border of Ballihisar village which is in the South of Sivrihisar. Pessinus is a Phrygia city which was founded


Akbash Shepherd’s Dog

– Sivrihisar Akbash Shepherd Dog – The Akbash Dog is Turkish equivalent of other white shepherd dog breeds used from north Africa to west Europe. These white dogs were first


Welcome to Sivrihisar Website

Sivrihisar Culture Portal, Wellcome to Sivrihisar Internet Website. Introduction of Sivrihisar, Information About Sivrihisar In this address, ” https://sivrihisar.web.tr “ Sivrihisar is the largest district of Eskisehir and folk philosopher Nasreddin


Historic Sivrihisar Houses

– Sivrihisar Houses – Sivrihisar, a town of Eskişehir in Midwestern Anatolia, is one of our cities which was able to largely keep its old town characteristics. It seems that


History of Sivrihisar

History of the town goes back to Hittite- the first Turkish civilizaiton in Anatolia. The town was named as “Sallpa” during Hittite period. It became the residential area of Phrygians


Information About Sivrihisar

History and Kulture City Sivrihisar Being the biggest district of Eskişehir, Sivrihisar is a city of history and culture whose roots go deep like a plane tree and which holds