Zaimağa Mansion

– ZAİMAĞA RESIDENCY – Cabinet of Ankara government comes to Sivrihisar to make their first meeting outside of Ankara on 24 March 1922. Mustafa Kemal invited the Council of Ministers to Sivrihisar to discuss and make a decision on the ceasefire proposal of the Entente States. Mustafa Kemal, arrives Sivrihisar Zaimağa mansion. The special matter […]

Sivrihisar Martyrdom

– Sivrihisar’s Martyrdom Monument – When Greek soldiers occupied Sivrihisar, 40-50 Turkish Raiders struggled with Greeks. Although Greek Unity was more crowded than Turkish Unity. Turkish Unity won this straggle After Greek Unity had escaped from Sivrihisar, they went somewhere close to Dümrek. At that time a Turkish Raider went to district secretly and started struggling […]